Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Designing an Icon

Louisville Visual Art Association - Designing an Icon Event

In September, 2007 I travelled to Louisville, KY to see the Designing an Icon exhibit at the Louisville Visual Art Association. I believe this is the first exhibition of automotive concept designs in North America to be shown independent of another automobile event. It was rewarding to see designers' art displayed on its own artistic merit apart from a car show or other automotive presentation.

Retired GM designer, and former LVAA alumni Bill Porter called on many fellow designers to loan some of their artwork for the exhibition. In addition, a designers' roundtable discussion was held one special weekend. A dozen of the exhibition's 24 artists were in attendence for a sold out audience.

Bill Porter - Former Buick Styling Chief

Group portrait of designers in attendance

Keynote speaker Chuck Jordan gave a brief presentation about the automobile design process that was followed by a lively and entertaining discussion. The designers talked about their careers, design philosophies and thoughts about today's new cars.

Chuck Jordan - Vice President GM Design 1986-92

Sold out crowd for design symposium

Executive Director Marcia Boone could not have been more pleased with the standing room only event and commented that she had never seen so many men drawn to a LVAA function. Clearly, Designing an Icon brought new attendence, recogntion and enthusiasm to the organization.

Jordan & David McIntosh review parade phaeton concept

Bill Michalak - Retired GM Designer

Wayne Kady - Former Cadillac Styling Chief

Graham Bell - Retired Ford Designer

Roger Hughet - Retired GM Designer

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