Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meeting the Customizers

George Barris Studios illustration of custom Mustang by "Skeet" Kerr

As part of the 2009 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, event chairman Bill Warner assembled three generations of customizers for a once in a lifetime panel discussion. Former General Motors designers Steve Pasteiner and Wayne Cherry were joined by George Barris, Dean Jeffries, Chip Foose and Beau Boeckmann.

Chip Foose's "Hemisfear"

Wayne Cherry's Cadillac Roadster
The discussion was moderated by well-known automotive writer Ken Gross in the Ritz Carlton's Grand Ballroom where an example of each man's work was displayed.

George Barris signs autographs for young fans

After the panel briefly talked about their start in the customizing business, each member left the stage and gave a walk around tour their car. The audience, which included over a hundred invited students from local schools, asked questions and collected autographs and pictures.

Dean Jeffries' "Mantaray"
The cars were also displayed as part of Sunday's Concours event.

Steve Pasteiner's Buick Blackhawk

Beau Boeckmann restored the Ed Newton "Orbitron"

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